Gemstone & Our Healing Earth

All elements have properties that impact how they work together with other elements they encounter. This includes the human element. Over thousands of years, gemstones and crystals have been associated with particular healing effects. Healers are now suggesting that there is an energy center in the human auric field — the energy matrix that surrounds the human body, that connects you directly to the earth. If you stand on the ground, this energy center is considered to be about 12” under your feet. If you visualize it and breathe deeply, you can send any feelings of negativity, anxiety, or stress down into the earth via this center, and by inhaling deeply, you can draw the strength of the earth back into your system. 

Gemstones in brown shades are generally seen as grounding and connecting with the earth as well as powerful personal cleansers and protectors of our environment. Gems tie in here. For example, the power of smokey quartz, if you are someone who lives in their head and needs more grounding, wear smoky quartz jewelry to return to living more in your body. Brown-colored stones possess calming and grounding energies. We can use certain gemstones to focus and amplify our body’s innate energies to uplift our health and vibrations. 

The quartz group, found in almost every geological environment in the earth’s crust, is by far the most popular choice for healing work. Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silica (silicon dioxide). Silicon dioxide is produced naturally in the human body and is also found in nutritious green, leafy vegetables. It is often used in western medicine for the healing of wounds. It is a popular choice used for treatment work because it acts as a cleansing and amplifying tool. Quartz can be used to rebalance one’s energy field or clear energetic blockages where healing is needed. If a particular type of stone attracts your attention, then research its uses. Perhaps it’s something you may need to help rebalance your energy field. Getting present and trusting our intuition can help us tune in to what we need. Different sources will provide different meanings for your crystals. This can seem confusing, but in a way, it’s really freeing. Remember, you have the power to choose a focus for your healing and drive your healing in a specific direction depending on what your body and mind need.

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