My Story: Take 1

Embarking on a new journey after a 20-year career felt like stepping into the unknown—a challenge brimming with both excitement and uncertainty. As life nudged me towards a fresh start, I found myself amidst the whirlwind of reinvention, a path paved with learning curves and introspection.

For the past 18 months, I've delved into the realms of social media, marketing, and e-commerce through diligent research and online courses. Throughout this transformation, authenticity emerged as my guiding principle. I sought to intertwine my personal narrative with the essence of what I put forth into the world—mindful of the human experiences we all share and eager to contribute positively to others' journeys.

Two decades ago, armed with a degree in communications and business, I ventured into the professional world. Yet, the call for change led me back to the classroom, this time immersing myself in the art of cosmetology. Working hands-on, crafting beauty beyond the surface, filled me with profound satisfaction and gratitude. It wasn't merely about appearances; it was about forging genuine connections and unraveling the beauty within.

With each stroke of creativity, I found instant gratification, a testament to the power of hands-on craftsmanship. However, the journey towards reinvention demanded a shift—a renaissance of the mind. Administrative tasks, once daunting, now presented an opportunity to navigate through systems and integrate processes towards meaningful outcomes.

For the past 25 years, my yoga practice has been my anchor, guiding me through life's ebbs and flows. Becoming a certified yoga instructor and delving into mindfulness opened doors to invaluable tools that shaped my journey. Discipline became my compass, leading me to embrace my inner voice and cultivate the art of introspection. It's not just about accomplishing tasks; it's about meeting myself where I am, embracing the ebb and flow of expectations, and nurturing the essence of self-discovery.

Thank you for joining me on this voyage with Pendulum. Through this blog, I aspire to ignite hope and inspiration for anyone embarking on a new chapter. May our stories intertwine, resonating with the essence of growth, resilience, and the beauty of reinvention.

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