The Meaning of Gemstone Colors

Some scientists believe humans are essentially beings of light, and light is set to become an essential energetic healing tool in the twenty-first century. Wearing colorful Pendulum gems can be a part of tapping into the energy all around us. Gems can serve as a tool when you need to amplify energy or cool down a situation. The more vibrant and brighter the color, the more powerful the gem. Intuition guides us and draws us to what color might fulfill our needs at a particular time.

All colors of the spectrum have their own vibrational frequencies, and when they are directed at the body, they can have a wide variety of positive effects. Linking gemstones to color can be a fantastic way to begin exploring how one can rebalance and restore energy. Very often, color is the main attraction of stones. Color affects our mood and our everyday experiences. Our eyes allow the color to be received and interpreted by the brain. Seeing how light reflects a stone’s color is a miraculous gift to our human experience. 

Examples of Gemstones and Their Powers


Colors: white, cream, or yellow base with white, blue, gold, or gray shades

Moonstone brings gentle, calm energy by clearing negative energies and strengthening inner peace. It’s also used to enhance intuition by increasing receptivity to your inner creativity.

Lapis Lazuli

Colors: vivid sapphire blue, with inclusions of gold pyrite and whitish calcite

Lapis lazuli is a royal stone activating the higher chakras of the third eye and crown of the head, bringing awareness of the soul and spiritual purpose. Its golden pyrite inclusions connect it to solar energy, so it also balances the solar plexus chakra (individual will) with the crown chakra (divine will).  Lapis lazuli promotes courage, letting your light shine in the world. It also soothes migraines and headaches.


Colors: white, blue, pink, red, black, orange-red, yellow, with different levels of rainbow opalescence 

Opals are found in many different colors and can align with the chakra to which they correspond. For example, red to the root or blue to the throat. Generally, in healing with stones, opals are seen as emotionally supportive, stabilizing, and helpful in increasing trust in one’s feelings. More fiery-looking opals increase vitality, passion, and zest for life. If you are drawn to an opal, then go ahead and wear it. 


Colors: pale turquoise blue, some specimens greener

Aquamarine can be worn to boost the thymus chakra, enhancing immunity and keeping the bridge clear between the heart and throat chakra. Aquamarine encourages creative verbal expression and harmonious communication. It also soothes powerful feelings such as grief and loneliness, cools infection, and reduces inflammation.


Colors: dull blue-green, with a mostly iridescent blue sheen when turned to the light, also orange, green violet; rainbow iridescence is found in specimens called spectrolite

This powerful stone of protection, magic and transformation is said to activate a sense of multiple levels of consciousness, awareness and other states of energy. Wear to sense your expansion into new levels of yourself. 


Colors: dark vivid purple, in a variety of shades, to pale lilac

Popular as a purifying crystal, it helps to ward off negative influences and protect from environmental stress. Calms the nervous system and the brain, easing headaches and migraines. Opens the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing spiritual awareness. Prized since ancient times.


Colors: orange in different shades, from pale to deep orange-red; stones can be clear or show a wide variety of specks, stripes, or markings.

Wear to ease stress and tension. Speeds up healing processes, especially after trauma or injury. Helps improve elimination and increases vitality and strength. Purifies the blood and improves circulation. Helps bring courage when facing personal challenges. Used with rose quartz, carnelian balances sexual energy with the vibration of love.


Colors: blue-green, mottled with paler green specks 

Facilitates loving, compassionate communication by bridging the heart and throat chakras. Clears congestion from the chest and throat areas, easing sore throats and coughs. Helps to balance the energy of the thyroid gland in the throat. Helps recovery from emotional disputes or traumas.


Colors: In its rough state, cream or yellowish and opaque, only becoming brilliant when cut; also blue, black, red, and green.

Wearing a diamond is a powerful amplifier of spiritual energy. They carry the highest healing frequency, opening all chakras and expanding the energy field, the aura, and around the body.

Pink Sapphire

Colors: Pinks

Encourages new love to appear in life, and the ability to embrace new growth with joy and spontaneity. Eases depression and low spirits, lightening heavy feelings of despondency and giving hope for the future. Encourages open and loving communication.

Choose your gem by its meaning or color and rust it is just right for whatever you need now. Go ahead and rock the energy.

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